We need to comment on the Bike Europe's article

Based on this article (or eventually ORF report) our company can be seen as the manufacturer of the so called "entry-level" bicycles (where "entry-level" could mean different thing for different factories). We have to deny this information due to the fact that producing the whole range of bicycles (starting from quality children bikes up to very hi-end Bosch powered full suspension e-bikes) is far away from very general statement published by Bike Europe or ORF. 

Our company, BPS Bicycle Industrial, produces quality bicycles in all categories starting from 20" children bicycles up to very hi-end carbon hardtail or full-suspension bicycles, on the top of these, our company produces BOSCH powered e-bikes in very premium quality for various brands from whole Europe. 

I'd love to invite Bike Europe to our factory in order they could understand the way we work and what product we do really offer.